The Nerveless Nocks Jetpack Flying Water Circus


Southwest of Coors Stage
Presented by Tom’s Heating Service

Nerveless Nocks Jetpack Flying Water Circus

Wednesday, July 19 | 4, 5:30 & 7 pm

Thursday, July 20 | 4, 5:30 & 7 pm

Friday, July 21 | 4, 5:30 & 7 pm

Saturday, July 22 | Noon, 2, 4:30 & 6:30 pm

Sunday, July 23 | 10:30 am, Noon, 2, & 4:30 pm

Defying Gravity – Water & Fun Bring the WOW!!

NEW this year, the legendary and pioneering Nerveless Nocks present family-fun excitement with jaw-dropping daring stunts and gasp-worthy feats. Watch as trained professional acrobats and stunt people get thrusted up to 50’ in the air performing majestic turns, flips, and unique tricks all inside and above a 4′ deep Olympic size pool. Fairgoers will learn about the mechanics and dangers of this incredible show all while being mesmerized by their mind-blowing athleticism and talent. Don’t forget to make a stop by the splash zone during any show and cool off from the high-flying action!

The Nerveless Nocks originated as Switzerland’s first circus in 1840 and haven’t stopped defying gravity with their daredevil performances since. They were the originators and performers championing the well-known Tommy Bartlett show and generations later are still making their mark – seen on America’s Got Talent and so much more! This is one show you’ll have to SEE to BELIEVE!

Get Ready For The Action – Check Out A Preview Here!

Nerveless Nocks Jetpack Flying Water Circus