Division BMX Stunt Show


Located on the north end of the grounds
Presented by Tom’s Heating Service

Sponsored by Brinkmann Fiberglass Pools & Brinkmann Water

Special Thanks to St. Vincent de Paul of Waukesha/Oconomowoc/Pewaukee

Wednesday, July 19 | TBA

Thursday, July 20 | 2:30, 4:30 & 6 pm

Friday, July 21 | 2:30, 4:30 & 6 pm

Saturday, July 22 | 2, 4 & 6 pm

Sunday, July 23 | 1, 3 & 5 pm

Are YOU a thrill seeker?!

Do you like HIGH-FLYING action?

Division BMX Stunt ShowLook no further! The seasoned Division BMX Stunt Team is making heads turn with their depth-defying aerial stunts and tricks to captivate audiences of all ages. Bringing with them their mind-blowing, 3-story tall “Super Ramp,” these shows are sure to be seen across the fairgrounds adding the “wow-factor” that any adrenaline junkie can’t miss. Each show features such events as big air jumps, flips, tricks, and more; engaging with the crowd and even bringing some fairgoers into the specialty stunts with them!

Although the origin of BMX started back in the early 1970’s, this elite group of professional BMX riders were brought together to both promote the impressive sport of BMX riding as well as show the world what life is truly about – time with friends and channeling energy towards something positive. With over 15 years of BMX performances under their belts, The Division BMX Stunt Team is sure to electrify the stands and keep fairgoers on the edge of their seats!

Don't miss the Division BMX Stunt Show at the Fair this summer