County Executive and Fair Marshal Junior Livestock Auction


Auction held at the Insight FS Livestock Coliseum (west side of Dairy Barn)

Friday, July 22

Auction Reception | 4-5:15 pm

Auction Starts | 5:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions | 5:45 pm

Large Animal Auction Begins | 6:15 pm

The Junior Livestock Auction is the culmination of a year’s project for 4-H and FFA members. These young men and women have selected, fed, and groomed steer, lamb, poultry, rabbit, goat, or pig as a learning and business venture. They project is brought to the Fair to be judged, graded, and sold. Support of the auction provides recognition for young adults to earn college funds, purchase more animals, and receive practical training in business and agriculture.

Buyers can support a young person in the community by purchasing an animal. Animals may be resold if buyers do not wish to take delivery of the meat.

Download the 2021 Livestock Auction Brochure

2021 Fair Marshal

Betty Moore

2021 Fair Marshal - Bob Stigler

Betty has been a dedicated, loyal Fair supporter for over 38 years. Her leadership throughout 4-H has inspired countless number of youth to succeed and grow as individuals and leaders within the community. When her kids were old enough to get involved with 4-H, she was one of the first to sign them up – not just in one area, but in a variety of project areas. Teaching and supporting kids and her family has become a way of life for Betty – she continues to impress these philosophies to this day even though she’s in her mid-70’s. Being a general leader and an assistant leader of Zion 4H for decades as well as an active member of the 4H Leaders Association over the years, her passion is obvious. Betty was a 4H kitchen volunteer for over 30 years coordinating and working with the youth and serving fairgoers of all ages.

She has continued a long tradition of support through sponsorship as well. Betty has sponsored the outstanding youth dairy exhibitor for the past 20 years through the present. All of this passion is directed to and with the Fair. Helping kids finish projects and achieve goals year after year is what she loves most. Each year when Betty comes out to the Fair, she emphasizes the importance of work ethic and dedication which continues to drive her and the youth she connects with now, more than ever.

Waukesha County Executive

Paul Farrow

Paul Farrow

Paul was elected to the Office of Waukesha County Executive in April of 2015 and re-elected in April of 2019. Prior to his election as County Executive, Paul was elected to Assembly 2010, elected to Senate in the December 2012 special election, and re-elected in 2014.