County Executive and Fair Marshal Junior Livestock Auction


Auction held at the Insight FS Livestock Coliseum (west side of Dairy Barn)

Friday, July 19

Auction Reception | 4-5:15 pm

Buyer Registration in Insight FS Livestock Coliseum | 4-5:15pm

Junior Auction Starts | 5:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions | 5:45 pm

Large Animal Auction Begins | 6:15 pm

The Junior Livestock Auction is the culmination of a year’s project for 4-H and FFA members. These young men and women have selected, fed, and groomed steer, lamb, poultry, rabbit, goat, or pig as a learning and business venture. The project is brought to the Fair to be judged, graded, and sold. Support of the auction provides recognition for young adults to earn college funds, purchase more animals, and receive practical training in business and agriculture.

Buyers can support a young person in the community by purchasing an animal. Animals may be resold if buyers do not wish to take delivery of the meat.

2023 Fair Marshals

Mike & Sue Wollenzien

2023 Fair Marshals - Mike & Sue Wollenzien

Mike and Sue Wollenzien have been an active part of the Fair for a little over 30 years. The Wollenzien’s involvement has ranged from being a Friend of the Fair, to helping with various items/needs, providing food for all volunteers, building new Fair display items, and functional set-up pieces that enhance safety, decrease setup time, and save on storage space. The couple has continued their efforts by stepping up as clerks throughout long hours of judging on top of their involvement as Superintendents. They are both always working and putting in countless hours to help the Fair. They are always the first to arrive at the Fair and the last ones to leave Sunday night.

Outside of the Fair, the Wollenziens aren’t afraid to lend a hand. With three sons and six grandchildren, the Wollenziens are always there when their sons need it and spend time with their youngest grandchildren often. Family oriented, the two love their grandchildren beyond measure and enjoy the time they can spend with them. They never want to leave anyone stranded and always try to be available when help is needed.

For Mike, hard work is a must, “If you don’t keep yourself going, you’ll gain weight, you’ll be couch ridden and then you’re done.” Mike is easily the more outspoken of the couple, constantly radiating a fun and charismatic energy everywhere they go! Mike is always busy, whether it be helping Ron Williams, a long-time Fair Superintendent, with bean planting or working on farm equipment to projects at home, Mike rarely has a dull moment.

Sue, since she was nine, has been involved with 4-H projects. From woodworking to showing calves to knitting, she tried it all and never stuck to one thing. Although she describes herself as quiet, Sue has remained a kind and helpful individual over the years especially with her Fair involvement. Sue is also a judge with the fair and fondly remembers awarding a blue ribbon to a student with special needs for their effort with an exhibit.

The couple thoroughly enjoy spending time with the exhibiting youth and enjoy hearing their stories. Learning of their passions, their work that led them to their project, and seeing the smiles on their faces has greatly influenced the couple to continue volunteering. For the Wollenziens, seeing the kids put so much hard work into their projects throughout the year drives their passion of working with the fair. The invaluable efforts of the Wollenziens over the past 30+ years and their love of the youth involved in 4H has proven their impact on the Waukesha County Fair both now and into the future!

Roles with the Fair
– Superintendents- 30+ years
– Judging Clerks- 12+ years
– Friend of the Fair- 15+ years

Waukesha County Executive

Paul Farrow

Paul Farrow

Paul was elected to the Office of Waukesha County Executive in April of 2015 and re-elected in April of 2019 and 2023. Prior to his election as County Executive, Paul was elected to Assembly 2010, elected to Senate in the December 2012 special election, and re-elected in 2014.