County Executive and Fair Marshal Junior Livestock Auction


Auction held at the Insight FS Livestock Coliseum (west side of Dairy Barn)

Friday, July 22

Auction Reception | 4-5:15 pm

Auction Starts | 5:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions | 5:45 pm

Large Animal Auction Begins | 6:15 pm

The Junior Livestock Auction is the culmination of a year’s project for 4-H and FFA members. These young men and women have selected, fed, and groomed steer, lamb, poultry, rabbit, goat, or pig as a learning and business venture. They project is brought to the Fair to be judged, graded, and sold. Support of the auction provides recognition for young adults to earn college funds, purchase more animals, and receive practical training in business and agriculture.

Buyers can support a young person in the community by purchasing an animal. Animals may be resold if buyers do not wish to take delivery of the meat.

Download the 2022 Livestock Auction Brochure

2022 Livestock Auction Buyer Registration

2022 Fair Marshal

Dave Kilpatrick

2021 Fair Marshal - Dave Kilpatrick

Dave has been active with the Waukesha County Fair for over 50 years and began back in 1971 as an exhibitor himself. As a beef exhibitor at his first county fair, Dave has a vivid memory of his steer, “Brandy,” and the lessons learned and ambition built by receiving a white ribbon that year. He is well remembered for his time in the beef barn as his peer exhibitors and younger exhibitors saw the time and dedication he invested. Dave was always one for helping kids and giving advice to aid along the way. For Dave, it was never about winning but teaching others about FFA, 4-H, and supporting local farmers. Dave has never been an observer, but always the one pitching in wherever help was and is needed. To this day, Dave is at the Beef Show, in the ring, helping the judge and youth exhibitors with their animals.

For Dave, the Fair runs deep through family, history, love for agriculture, and strong memories that he works to continually make possible and instill in others. Back in 1975-1976, Dave’s father, along with others in the community, led the two-year mission to work with the exhibitors and families to raise funds to build the beef barn that is utilized to this day. Even more, 1980-2002 Dave clerked the Junior Livestock Auction that has and continues to be a growing Fair staple on Friday at the Fair each year. There are still components used to this day that were implemented by Dave.

The Kilpatrick family has been breeding purebred Angus cattle since 1969. Today, Dave runs a 30-cow-calf operation on a 16-acre pasture spread right in Waukesha County in Wales. Dave and his wife, Christi, have four daughters who continued the Kilpatrick legacy by all having showed at the Waukesha County Fair. Not only did Dave’s four children show, but four of his twelve grandchildren have also shown as exhibitors with both cattle and swine. Dave is all about relationships – building and continuing them! His love and passion radiate in what he does and those he connects with every day!

As an advocate for youth, Dave continues to make his mark as a bidder or a buyer at the Waukesha County Fair Junior Livestock Auction for the last 42 years. Dave meets with the youth exhibitors prior, talks about their project area and things they’ve learned, shares stories of his experiences, and follows up by keeping in contact with the youth following the Fair after purchasing their animal. Supporting youth goes beyond borders for Dave as he also supports youth livestock exhibitors in five other area county fair’s each summer. The impression that Dave continually showcases is the education behind raising the animal for the youth exhibitors – care, financial investment, “show” skills, responsibility for a living-breathing-being, along with the impact for the consumer. It is important for Dave to continue the generational impact, staying connected and in business with people he grew up with in 4-H; he sees their children and now their grandchildren in the show ring creating memories and learning that will last for lifetimes.

Comradery, education, support, and sharing the love of it all is just a part of Dave leaving his mark on the Fair and building up the generations of past, present, and future!

Roles w/the Fair-
First Exhibited at the Fair in 1971
Auction Buyer – 20+ years
Sponsor (Little Squealers, Sheep Rodeo, Dairy Trophies, Beef Trophies, etc.) – 15+ years
Advocate for Exhibitors – Houses animals for neighboring exhibitor youth at his hobby farm so they can show – 10 years
Ring Master at the Beef Show – Min. 5 years
Fair Advocate – Sharing with local business owners the value of WCF

Waukesha County Executive

Paul Farrow

Paul Farrow

Paul was elected to the Office of Waukesha County Executive in April of 2015 and re-elected in April of 2019. Prior to his election as County Executive, Paul was elected to Assembly 2010, elected to Senate in the December 2012 special election, and re-elected in 2014.