County Executive and Fair Marshal Junior Livestock Auction


Auction held at the Insight FS Livestock Coliseum (west side of Dairy Barn)

Friday, July 19

Auction Reception | 4-5:15 pm

Buyer Registration in Insight FS Livestock Coliseum | 4-5:15pm

Junior Auction Starts | 5:30 pm

Welcome & Introductions | 5:45 pm

Large Animal Auction Begins | 6:15 pm

The Junior Livestock Auction is the culmination of a year’s project for 4-H and FFA members. These young men and women have selected, fed, and groomed steer, lamb, poultry, rabbit, goat, or pig as a learning and business venture. The project is brought to the Fair to be judged, graded, and sold. Support of the auction provides recognition for young adults to earn college funds, purchase more animals, and receive practical training in business and agriculture.

Buyers can support a young person in the community by purchasing an animal. Animals may be resold if buyers do not wish to take delivery of the meat.

2024 Livestock Auction Potential NEW Buyer Registration (Completed by Exhibitor)

2024 Fair Marshal

Rob Schuett

2024 Fair Marshals - Rob Schuett

The 2024 Waukesha County Honorary Fair Marshal, Rob Schuett, has been an integral part of the fair for almost 60 years. From his youth days showing cattle at the Fair, to his current, multi-faceted hand in helping the Fair run year after year, his nomination by the Board was a unanimous choice. Rob’s roots at the Waukesha County Fair go back to the 1960s when his parents purchased a farm in Mukwonago and raised Polled Herefords at the time. At 10 years old, Rob began showing his family’s cattle at the Fair along with his brothers. Rob recalls learning a lot while visiting the farm on weekends and the many trips to and from the farm to their home in the city of Waukesha.

In 1977, Rob bought his own farm just up the road from his parents’ farm. Today, he raises black Angus cattle and grows corn, soybeans, hay, and pumpkins. Following in his footsteps, his sons, Scott and Brian, brought cattle to show at the Fair, along with his grandchildren today, building a generational legacy for the Schuett family.

Rob is a member of the Waukesha County Farm Bureau, the Waukesha County Fair livestock team, and the key advisor for the Livestock Auction. He is instrumental in ensuring the auction process goes smoothy, from spending time in the office finalizing the auction book, to talking with processors, buyers, and youth. Plus, whether it be by providing hay bales for the Ag-Venture education area or by setting up the animal rings, Rob also assists widely in the operations surrounding the livestock area and shows.

Rob’s work is a reflection of his compassion for Waukesha County youth. He not only strives for the best experience possible for the kids, but also recognizes the value in the youth showing their animals at the Fair. Not only do the kids receive monetary support through generous buyers, they also learn about the livestock business and all the hard work that goes into raising a quality animal. For Rob, the kids fuel his dedication and have encouraged him to willingly continue to volunteer his time and efforts toward the auction and the Fair. Rob is truly a fundamental part of the Waukesha County Fair, and continues to be an integral part in making the Fair happen each year!

Roles with the Fair
– Core chairman on the Livestock Committee – 15+ years
– Key Jr. Livestock Auction Chair – 15+ years
– Friend of the Fair – Almost 60 years
– Market Animal Processor Advisor & Coordinator

Waukesha County Executive

Paul Farrow

Paul Farrow

Paul was elected to the Office of Waukesha County Executive in April of 2015 and re-elected in April of 2019 and 2023. Prior to his election as County Executive, Paul was elected to Assembly 2010, elected to Senate in the December 2012 special election, and re-elected in 2014.