Sunday Youth Event Shows

Sunday, July 21st in the Insight FS Livestock Coliseum

Each year we provide the chance to encourage younger generations with unique opportunities in youth livestock exhibiting and hands-on experience showing livestock animals. We offer the Little Squealers, Little Farmers Sheep Rodeo, Little Britches, and Goat Roping events that are fun, education, and interactive! These shows are open to any youth but space is limited and pre-registration is required. Registration opens Saturday, June 1st at 9 am and is first come, first serve. Parent or guardian must be present at the time of the show. Participants must wear closed toe shoes while in the show ring.

Little Squealers

July 21, 11 am
Swine Showmanship for ages 5-8
– The youth will partner with a veteran/senior livestock exhibitor who will teach and explain the ins and outs of properly working with these animals.
– The participants are awarded a prize for their hard work and efforts.
– Swine and equipment will be provided for show.
– 20 available spots.

Little Farmer’s Sheep Rodeo

July 21, 12:00 pm
Mutton Bustin’ for ages 5-8, max weight 60 lbs
– Mandatory meeting for all participants at 11:30 am.
– The youth will climb aboard a wooly sheep and hang on for a quick ride through the show arena while wearing a helmet and protective vest.
– Signed waiver is required for participation.
– Each participant is awarded a prize in recognition of their hard work and learned experience.
– Sheep and safety equipment will be provided for show.
– 20 available spots.
– There is a $5 entry fee for this event.

Goat Roping

July 21, Approx. 12:30 pm (follows Sheep Rodeo)
Youth Class for ages 5-8
Adult Class for ages 9+
– Participants will rope and wrangle in a contained show ring environment.
– Goat and equipment will be provided for show.
– 10 available spots for Youth Class.
– 10 available spots for Adult Class.

Little Britches Show

July 21, 1:30pm
Dairy Calf Showmanship for ages 5-8
– Registration closes Friday, July 12.
– Must be affiliated with a calf and have worked with the calf prior to Fair time.
– Youth/parents are able to reach out to the Fair Office should they want to find out more about how to get themselves associated /affiliated with a calf.
– As a reward for their hard work, participants are awarded a prize for their accomplishments and taking the initiative to get involved.
– This show does not provide animals.
– 20 available spots.